Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a pdf file sharing service. It's like Youtube for pdf documents.

How to upload a document?
Select upload menu above and follow the instruction.

How to protect uploaded document from public access?
To do this you need to upload the document as a registered member. Click here to register. After you are logged in, you will find an option to protect your document from public access.

How to delete my publications at
If you uploaded the documents as registered member, login to your account. Go to PROFILE menu, choose My Publications. Click delete button next to the title you want to delete.

If you are not a registrated member, contact us for removal request.

Someone has uploaded my documents without my permission, what should I do?
Please report them by clicking "Report Abuse" link. You can also send a removal request to . We will delete them in 24 working hours.

I found documents that contains sexual/violent/repulsive/hateful/abusive content, how to remove it from
Please report us by clicking "Report Abuse" link.

How to buy commercial products listed at
After clicking the buy button, you should find a check-out button, follow the instruction. All commercial products are provided by 3rdparty companies as our advertisers. For after-sale support, please contact the company customer service.

How to sell my publications at
Currently, we do not provide this kind of service.

How to advertise at
Please contact us about your interest.