College Physics (Technology Version)

The main objectives of the text are to provide students with a clear and logical presentation of the basic concepts and principles of physics, and to strengthen their understanding of the concepts and principles through a broad range of interesting applications to the real world. In order to meet these objectives, the authors emphasis is placed on sound physical arguments and discussions of everyday experiences and observations. At the same time, students are motivated through practical examples that demonstrate the role of physics in other disciplines. COLLEGE PHYSICS, Technology Version offers a new complete learning system for the algebra-trig based physics course. The seamless integration of CD-ROM, workbook, and Web site makes it easier for professors and students to incorporate technology-based content into their lectures and studies. The Technology Version of College Physics, Fifth edition consists of: the paperback textbook, the Saunders CORE CONCEPTS IN COLLEGE PHYSICS CD-ROM, the Workbook to accompany the Saunders CORE CONCEPTS IN COLLEGE PHYSICS CD-ROM, and a single CD-ROM containing the textbook version of INTERACTIVE PHYSICSÔ software (developed by MSC Working Knowledge), as well as simulation files by Raymond A. Serway that run on this software. Instructors interested in technology-based education should also consider the three options for on-line homework-CAPA (Computer-assisted Personalized Approach), WebAssign, and University of Texas homework delivery systems.