C Programming for Engineering and Computer Science (Mcgraw-Hill's Best--Basic Engineering Series and Tools) by Tan, H. H.; D'Orazio, T. B. published by Mcgraw-Hill College Paperback

C Programming for Engineering and Computer Science takes a question and answer approach to effectively teach the C Language and program design to students with no previous experience in computer programming. Throughout every lesson, questions and explaniations engage the students and guide them through the C code. Tan and D'Orazio immerse students in C code requiring them to read and understand it. After completing this text, students are fluent in the C language and able to write efficient, structured applications in C. ................. FEATURES: 1- Diskette included in book with example problems from the text that students can easily modify... 2- Over 31 detai;led application examples, 81 example programs, and 132 application exercises help students apply concept. .... 3- Three-Dimensional graphics of control structures clearly illustrated program control.