The Baldrige: What It Is, How It's Won, How to Use It to Improve Quality in Your Company

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award has captured the imagination of corporate America even while it has ignited considerable controversy. While the quality movement began modestly over 70 years ago, quality has now become a critical issue for thousands of companies. The Baldrige Award has become a valued and sought-after symbol of commitment and excellence in achieving the highest quality standards. This book describes how to apply for "The Baldrige", complete with inside information on how applications are screened, finalists chosen, on-site verification processes undertaken, and finally, how winners are selected. It also shows managers how to implement a seven-step process for making "The Baldridge" quest the centrepiece of a continuous improvement strategy. The book also looks at who the winners have been in the three years since the award's inception and how each did it. The text also provides a glossary of common quality terms and an overview of state and international awards that can be used as dress rehearsals for "The Baldrige" or to keep the quality edge.