Women and the Leadership Q: Revealing the Four Paths to Influence and Power

Success secrets of today's most accomplished women A New Framework for Understandingand MasteringYour Natural Leadership Skills ABC journalist Diane Sawyer Maryland Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Fortune president Jolene Sykes each of these accomplished womenalong with the three dozen other women interviewed and profiled in Women and the Leadership Qhas worked to identify her personal strengths, overcome her weak spots, and carve her own path to unqualified success. Now, let author Shoya Zichy's innovative, interactive Leadership Q Self-Assessment system reveal your leadership personality. Are you a "Blue Strategist" like Prudential Institutional CEO Jean Hamilton? A "Green Advocate" like Playwright Wendy Wasserstein? Regardless of your personality type, a 38-item test will help you pinpoint your leadership style, then measure your skills against highly successful women with similar stylesto develop specific strategies for increasing your leadership effectiveness. Every woman has leadership skills within her. The self-assessment tests, exercises, and profiles in Women and the Leadership Q will bring your skills into the openand help you create your own roadmap to career fulfillment and success. Women and the Leadership Q A Breakthrough System for Achieving Influence and Power Shoya Zichy "I believe every successful person has had setbacksit is the way they use obstacles that determines their ultimate achievement." --Kay Bailey Hutchison U.S. Senator, Texas It's no secret that the key to long-term success lies in melding your entire personality, both strengths and weaknesses, into a consistent, effective leadership style. Women and the Leadership Q is a hands-on, compelling method for discovering basic leadership personality styles, observing them in actionand building from them to identify and make the best use of your own leadership skills. Author Shoya Zichy interviews leading women from all walks of lifegovernment, business, entertainmentwho share your innate leadership personality. She then helps you to uncover and understand your own leadership dynamicand use that dynamic as the key to your success. "Sometimes, people will call me brusque and determined what it actually means is that I'm independent and focused." --Christie Todd Whitman Governor, New Jersey To achieve success you must first embrace your own individuality. Women and the Leadership Qbased upon the groundbreaking work of Carl Jung and world-famous personality testsis nothing less than a step-by-step guidebook for self-discovery and success. As we cross into the 21st century it has become clear that, while every effective leader is dynamic in her own way, there exist distinct and identifiable leadership styles. Women and the Leadership Q clearly defines those styles, shows you how to determine your own place within the style continuum, and helps you gauge yourself against accomplished women with similar personality typesenhancing your leadership

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By Susan (The United States) · ★★★☆☆ · December 21, 2008
Great shortcut to learning about leadership styles instead of Myers-Briggs. ...more