The eMarketplace: Strategies for Success in B2B eCommerce

This work describes the business-to business marketplace and the changes and opportunities presented by the wholesale change in the way in which the world does business. It discusses how the large-company purchaser or distributor and the small to mid-size business owner/marketer can make money in business to business by creating/participating in emarkets, as well as how to get their product out into the emarketplace. This text describes the emarkets, their methods of application, the different models currently in use, and how to make money in business to business the markets. Case studies on successful and flawed business-to-business models are used to demonstrate the points, including: Harley Davidson; Delland; and other leading companies. An additional chapter provides insight for the average vendor, as well as for those looking to start an emarket. This chapter includes an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of different models of emarketplace.