Recruiting on the Web : Smart Strategies for Finding the Perfect Candidate

Recruiting on the Web is the most comprehensive and advanced guide to Internet recruiting available anywhere.  It explains the best practices, creative ideas and recruiting tools used by the most forward-looking companies and professional recruiters to lower their recruiting costs, slash cycle time, and hire the very best candidates via the Web.

Recruiting on the Web will help recruiters and Human Resources professionals plan a Web-based recruiting campaign to quickly fill a position with the right candidate. It will also help managers, executives, and small-business owners save thousands of dollars in advertising costs by taking charge of their own hiring process, using the power of the Web.

Readers will learn to:

  • Organize inexpensive but highly effective job posting campaigns
  • Select, evaluate and post to the best niche job boards
  • Work more successfully with, HotJobs, CareerBuilder
  • Find candidates hidden in companies, universities, and organizations
  • Build a recruiting Web site
  • Find great diversity candidates using the Web
  • Build a Web-based employee referral system
  • Build a Web-based college recruiting plan
  • And much more