Ten Secrets Of Successful Leaders

What today's top companies are looking for and what tomorrow's leaders need to know

Based on a recent survey of Fortune 500 CEOs, senior executives, hiring managers and team leaders, this invaluable new book from the authors of Ten Secrets of Successful Women identifies the ten key traits that companies are looking for in their employees. These are the crucial skills that Microsoft, Citigroup, and Johnson & Johnson value and promote in their teams--and they provide an essential road map to any new manager's future success. These ten secrets can show leaders of any level how to:

  • Navigate corporate culture and office politics
  • Make quality decisions and strong connections
  • Think strategically and enhance emotional intelligence
  • See the big picture and communicate successfully

In today's tough market, managers and executives need to understand the corporate ladder. Ten Secrets of Successful Leaders will help them every step of the way.