Technical Analysis for the Rest of Us: What Every Investor Needs to Know to Increase Income, Minimize Risk, and Archieve Capital Gains

Easy-to-apply technical analysis strategies for improved capital gains, income, and wealth preservation Technical analysis is one of the most effective methods for improving any investor's returns, regardless of their market knowledge or expertise. Technical Analysis for the Rest of Us shows you why as it describes the tools of technical analysis and explains how you can use each to improve your investment selection and performance in every type of market. Focusing on basic chart patterns and how they forecast the timing, direction, and size of a price move, this technical analysis primer features: Graphs of more than 50 popular chart patterns, along with the buy, sell, or hold signals sent by each Specific charting strategies designed to fit the needs of aggressive, conservative, or balanced investors Dozens of review exercises you can use to apply lessons to realistic market environments and charting situations Technical Analysis for the Rest of Us shows you how to use the predictive advantages of technical analysis in your own investing program to accurately forecast pending price moves and remove much of the guesswork from your decisions. Use technical analysis to improve your investment selection--and success Most investors see technical analysis as complex, time-consuming, and beyond their understanding. However, many of the strategies and tools of technical analysis are straightforward and easy to use, not to mention financially smart. From the head-and-shoulders pattern to double tops and more, charting can help you determine which investments seem poised to move either up or down, limit your risk exposure, and sharpen your instincts for consistently buying near price bottoms and selling near tops. Technical Analysis for the Rest of Us tells you what you need to know to reap the benefits of technical analysis. Walking you through the most popular patterns and what they can indicate, this handy guidebook introduces you to specialized investments and activities that--when combined with technical analysis--can provide you with greater and more predictable returns. Focusing on the less complicated charts that you can quickly understand and integrate into your investment program, Technical Analysis for the Rest of Us covers how you can use technical analysis to: Review your portfolio to determine which investments meet your current objectives and when is the best time to sell those that don't Analyze stock price patterns, volume, and moving averages to more accurately forecast pending price movements Improve your overall performance whether you are an active trader, buy-and-hold investor, or anything in between Identify bull and bear markets in their earliest stages to enhance or protect investment gains Profit from alternative investments including preferred stocks, closed end mutual funds, and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Technical Analysis for the Rest o

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By Mustabshirah (Karachi, 05, Pakistan) · ★★★★★ · September 11, 2014
good book
By Kyle (Victoria, BC, Canada) · ★★★☆☆ · March 10, 2013
A very beginner look at technical analysis. It covers the basic concepts behind TA, has some simple charts, and some quick quizzes to check your understanding. It's a quick read with textbook-only examples that you'll rarely see in the real world, but still a good basic learning instrument for an... ...more