Vive les verbes français!: 6,000 Verbs to Add Savoir-Flair to your French

Put the "ooh-la-la" in your French vocabulary

Sure, you can parler français.
You can even converser en français.
But can you also jacasser (chatter), radoter (ramble on), cancaner (gossip), and faire du boucan (make a racket)?

Vive les verbes français! is packed with thousands of verbs and verbal phrases conveniently grouped by theme and subject. Better than a thesaurus, Vive les verbes français! is your guaranteed ticket to a richer French vocabulary!

Add some vim to your verbs with

  • Never-fail memorization techniques and charming illustrations to help you remember your new vocabulary
  • An English-French/French-English glossary with adverbs, conjunctions, and compound prepositions
  • An index cross-referencing the 6,000 verbs and verbal expressions