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The Next Evolution of Marketing

THE NEW LAWOF MARKETING. “ The Next Evolution ofMarketing is a true beaconfor all brand builders.Many books claim that,Bob’s book delivers.”. Jim Stengel, former GlobalMarketing Officer, Procter & Gamble. “Some timeless truthsrestored for modernmarketing—and many newones added. An inspiringreminder of the value ofbrand behavior and how tomake it happen.”. Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP. “Persuasion has given wayto sharing, and marketingwill never be the same.”. John Gerzema, Chief InsightsOfficer, Young & Rubicam, andcoauthor of The Brand Bubble. ”Bob Gilbreath brilliantlyshows why we’re nolonger living in our fathers’marketing era. Better yet,he details how marketingworks best when it addsvalue to people’s lives, andhe provides a playbookfor success.”. David Meerman Scott,bestselling author of The NewRules of Marketing & PR and World Wide Rave. “This book provides aframework and compellingexamples for creating thenext generation of cultureleadingbrands.”. Mark Greatrex, SeniorVice President, MarketingCommunications and Insights,The Coca-Cola Company. ABOUT THE BOOK:. Marketing with Meaning—The Breakthrough Strategy for Connecting with Customers!. The old interruptive model of marketingdoesn’t work. Customers are tuning out.They no longer listen to in-your-face messages.Instead, they demand meaning inthe brands they buy and the marketing thatreaches them. Marketing strategist Bob Gilbreath’s hotnew concept, Marketing with Meaning,represents the next evolutionary step in aprogression following direct marketing andpermission marketing. This groundbreakingmethodology engages customers and winstheir business by adding value to their lives.Rather than pushing a product or service,Marketing with Meaning woos customers byoffering them something of value independentof purchase. In The Next Evolution of Marketing , Gilbreathunveils a revolutionary new approach tobusiness