Distributed Computer Control System

Distributed Computer Control Systems: Proceedings of the IFAC Workshop, Tampa, Florida, U.S.A., 2-4 October 1979 focuses on the design, processes, methodologies, and applications of distributed computing systems. The selection first discusses the use of distributed control systems for facility energy management, including space conditioning control, plant design, central plant control, and system design. The book then takes a look at programming distributed computer systems with higher level languages. Topics include design of an application programming language for distributed computing systems; realization of a suitable programming language for distributed computing systems; and optimal structure and capabilities of an automatic control system. The text focuses on the similarities and differences of distributed computer control systems; transaction processing as an efficient conceptual framework for comparing and understanding distributed systems; and multi-processor approach for the automation of quality control in an overall production control system. The selection also deals with transaction processing in distributed control systems; parallel processing for distributed computer control systems; and design and development of distributed control systems. The book is a vital source of data for readers interested in distributed computing.