The Challenge of Development in the Eighties Our Response

The Challenge of Development in the Eighties: Our Response attempts to understand the demands of developing countries in order to render the present world order more equitable and habitable for all. The mosaic of contributions collectively expresses various perspectives and potential support from developed countries to the most challenging and significant human challenge for the remainder of the twentieth century: creating the conditions that will provide for the accelerated and sustained economic development of the vast majority of the human population living in developing countries. The volume contains seven chapters in which representatives of different interest groups assess their own perspectives and motivations as well as their possible contributions to the range of development problems. Key topics discussed include the circumstances in which developing and developed countries have launched upon the negotiation, and implementation, of the text to guide governments during the 1980s; EC policy toward the developing countries; and the contribution of Christians in developed countries. This volume will be useful not only to professionals in education or government concerned with development, but also to the general public in their capacities as citizens, trade-unionists, business-persons and church-goers. This text-and reactions to it-thus provide a forum in which representatives of different interest groups assess their contribution to the development effort in the eighties.