Distributed Computer Control Systems

Distributed Computer Control Systems 1981 covers the proceedings of the Third IFAC Workshop, held in Beijing, China on August 13-17, 1981. The book focuses on the advancements of processes, technologies, and approaches employed in distributed computer control systems (DCCS). The selection first offers information on the summary report of the Third IFAC Workshop on Distributed Computer Control Systems and application of DCCS to the modernization of metal rolling mills. Discussions focus on system architecture, hot strip process, software structuring, and man-machine interface. The text then examines distributed microcomputer control systems for electrical power plants; distributed versus centralized computer control systems of industrial continuous process; and practical considerations for design and implementation of distributed digital control. The text takes a look at the architectural considerations of DCCS and its use in scientific experiments. Topics include system interaction software for the ECN, architectural schemes of DCCS, comparison of DCCS and multiprocessors, generalization of the concept of parallelism, and combined architectural realization of parallelism. The partitioning and synchronization concepts for computing dynamical systems algorithms on distributed computer control networks and scheduling of DCCS for industrial robots are also discussed. The selection is a vital reference for readers interested in distributed computer control systems.