Inspections and Reports on Dwellings Series: Inspections and Reports on Dwellings: Inspecting (Volume 1)

Inspections and Reports on Dwellings was originally a four volume series written in anticipation of mandatory Home Condition Reports. Since this proposal was superseded there has been an increasing recognition that purchasers of residential property require an independent professional assessment of the homes they are considering buying.

This second edition of Inspecting updates the market context within which surveyors and valuers are operating. It includes a comparison of the wider choice of survey options professional surveyors can now offer to potential clients, such as the RICS Home Survey range.

The book retains a focus on the needs of the surveyor to recognize and interpret the significance of observations on site. The book has been significantly improved by major enhancements to the structure and indexing to facilitate its use for reference purposes. The original photographs of defects have been further supplemented so there are now over 500 illustrations, each with descriptive text.

There is additional content on preparing for the inspection and on reporting, including the use of standard text, and there are expanded or completely new sections on a variety of subjects such as conservatories, renewable energy technologies and environmental issues. This edition reflects the latest approach to inspecting and reporting on Services, Risk and the challenges posed by the increasing use of innovative techniques and forms of construction.

This book is intended for all those engaged in inspecting dwellings, whether experienced, newly qualified or studying for appropriate qualifications to become members of professional institutions.