Data Structures with C++ Using STL (2nd Edition)

This book uses a modern object-oriented approach to data structures, unified around the notion of the Standard Template Library (STL) container classes. The book presents a systematic development of data structures supported by numerous examples and complete programs. The authors separate the applications of a data structure from its implementation. Includes an applied study of interesting and classical algorithms that illustrate the data structures using only simple mathematical concepts (Big-O notation is introduced intuitively); Many additional figures are integrated into the presentation; ADT (Abstract Data Type) for each data structure—immediately used to solve appropriate problems; Early and accessible introduction to templates and iterators; Use of modern C++ constructs in developing data structures and their applications provides enough language detail to sufficiently understand the constructs.

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By Joecolelife (Frankfort, IL) · ★★★★★ · April 19, 2011
Ford and Topp have done an excellent job of creating a text with plenty of hands-on examples. Almost all of the examples compiled correctly with Microsoft Visual C++ with very few changes. A few examples did have minor errors that were easily fixed. If you want a "hands-on" guide to data structur... ...more
By Lemmitty (Bucharest, 10, Romania) · January 11, 2014
good ...more