Service at Its Best: Waiter-Waitress Training/Customer Service: Competency Guide (2 Book Set)

Designed for results and accountability, this #1 competency-based training guide covers everything a waiter or waitress needs to know to be successful in the today's dynamic and competitive restaurant industry—all organized within self-contained chapters that flow in a logical sequence and establish a step-by-step procedure for understanding and learning appropriate server skills. Discusses the occupational advantages and disadvantages of the job, along with job qualifications and descriptions or advancement opportunities for servers. Explains basic table settings for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and includes 25 tips for proper table service, such as the correct procedures for loading and carrying trays and techniques of carrying multiple plates. Explains wine varietals, as well as other spirits, cocktails, and coffees, and presents step-by-step illustrations of correct serving procedures. Covers current technology applications and their benefits, including table service management, guest paging system, product management software, hand-held touch-system terminal, server paging system, two-way radio, restaurant web sites, and other software technology used in the business. Shares the successful experiences of ten servers from across the United States. Appendices offer a handy reference source for common menu terms, wine terminology, spirit brands and related cocktails, ales, lagers, and non-alcoholic beers. For restaurant food server training programs in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries; also a handy reference manual for specific service questions.