Forever Liesl: A Memoir of The Sound of Music

The magic of The Sound of Music lives on in the minds and hearts of everyone it has touched. Now, Charmian Carr , who in 1965 captivated moviegoers as Liesl "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" von Trapp, tells what it was like to be a part of the film that has become a cultural phenomenon. It's all here: from how she got the role (and why she almost didn't) to romances on the set and wild nights in Salzburg; from the near-disaster during the gazebo dance to her relationships--then and now--with her six celluloid siblings. Charmian offers stories from fans and friends and a treasury of photographs. And she reveals why she left acting, what she learned when she met the real von Trapp children; and how The Sound of Music has helped her get through stormy times in her own life. Forever Liesl celebrates the spirit of the movie and what it stands for: family love, romance, inspiration, nostalgia, and the joy and power of music.

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By Felicity (The United Kingdom) · ★★★★★ · April 10, 2014
I bought this book off Amazon as I'd wanted to read it for several years. I'm so glad I did. This book is about Charmian Carr's experience of playing Liesl in The Sound of Music and also about her life before and after the film. She manages to write a memoir which isn't in chronological order suc... ...more
By John (Duluth, MN) · ★★★★☆ · February 23, 2015
Critics say "The Sound of Music" is schmaltzy, overly sentimental and corny. All of which is true. It's also one of my favorite movies.
Charmian Carr's "Forever Liesl," has some of the same qualities as the movie, and for someone who's a fan of the movie it's great fun. Carr played the part of Lie... ...more
By Estella (Santa Barbara, CA) · ★★★★☆ · April 09, 2008
This auto-biography was very well-written. I am a Sound of Music fan, although not quite to the degree my Aunt Anne was, who went to the movie theater innumerable times to see it when it first came out. (No DVD's or Tivo in those days, kids!) Charmain Carr does a very creditable job of sharing he... ...more
By Betsy (Rosemount, MN) · ★★★★☆ · August 29, 2007
I keep telling people that I don't like celebrity biographies and autobiographies, but every now and then one comes along that really holds my interest. This was one of them. I loved all the off-camera details and the stories about people who have been affected by the movie over the years. ...more
By Kath (Birmingham, A7, The United Kingdom) · ★★★★☆ · February 24, 2014
I must confess that I have always loved the Sound of Music' film so this behind the scenes account was interesting, as were the stories of people whose lives had been altered in some way by watching the film. It was written in a very saccharine fashion, so I could only read a few pages at any one... ...more
By Caitlin (Williamsburg, VA) · ★★★★☆ · February 05, 2014
The quality of the writing is a little dubious - and sometimes Carr comes off sounding a little self-important... But the behind the scenes tidbits of the movie are still too fun to resist.

A few interesting bits about the filming:

Christopher Plummer showed up for his first dance lesson in tights... ...more