AIDS Prevention through Education: A World View

A decade after AIDS was first recognized, the simple idea that education is the most effective weapon to prevent infection remains valid. This is true because AIDS will not disappear, just as the majority of infectious diseases have not disappeared, even those for which effective methods of treatment and prevention already exist. Therefore, education is not a transitory strategy; if and when effective drugs and vaccines are developed, education will still play a major role in contending with the epidemic. Enough has been learned about AIDS prevention through education during the last decade to merit reflection on both the failures and successes of this short, tragic but also intense and vital period. The original education models based on fear have been replaced with more optimistic and even humorous campaigns. Health promotion has moved to center stage in the global fight against AIDS. This book is an effort to collect and organize a wealth of global experience from many experts and to consolidate new information. Included among the variety of strategies are discussions of the role of both the print and electronic media in the national fight, as well as presentations of international lessons gleaned from community and regional efforts in Brazil, Africa, Mexico and Europe. The book offers the reader a range of views and perspectives from experts in the varied disciplines that make up the very broad field of AIDS education. This timely, important volume offers AIDS researchers, clinicians, and educators, as well as public health and infectious disease professionals key, practical insights for global AIDS prevention.