Group Work with Populations at Risk

Group Work with Populations at Risk, 2nd Edition", is a fundamental book aimed at social workers and other mental health professionals interested in at-risk groups with specific populations. Accessible and practical as well as scientifically and theoretically sound, the text provides a set of guidelines for social workers who are called upon to work with groups of people facing such issues as cancer, AIDS, addiction, head injury, divorce, mental illness, and abuse. The second edition expands the scope of the book to additionally address the significant world developments that have affected the social work profession and group work since the publication of the first edition in 1997. With new chapters on topics such as Internet self-help groups, group work with Asian-American immigrants, community and organizational factors, victims of school and community violence, and evidence-based practices, this nuts-and-bolts resource provides clear, practical guidelines and assessment measures that both students and practitioners can easily apply to a verity of group work environments.