Blocked by Caste: Economic Discrimination and Social Exclusion in Modern India

This volume argues that the Indian society is characterized by multiple forms of discrimination and exclusion that create profound barriers to upward mobility and freedom from structures of deprivation. The essays study widespread patterns of discrimination and underlying attitudinal orientations that contribute to inequality in various aspects of life. Based on archival research, field surveys, and interviews, the contributors explore practical aspects of economic discrimination and social exclusion in India. They also discuss some of the theoretical issues related to social exclusion in general and economic discrimination in particular, to provide conceptual backdrop and to place the empirical studies in necessary theoretical perspective. The book investigates historic patterns of discrimination with factors like reservation in private sector, globalization, caste and employment, ownership of private enterprises, labour market, poverty, health care, education, food security, and creation of Dalit identities as well as the consequences of discrimination and possible remedies.