Decision Making, Affect, and Learning; Attention and Performance XXIII

This latest volume in the critically acclaimed and highly influential Attention and Performance series focuses on two of the fastest moving research areas in cognitive and affective neuroscience - decision making and emotional processing.Decision Making, Affect, and Learning investigates the psychological and neural systems underlying decision making, and the relationship with reward, affect, and learning. In addition, it considers neurodevelopmental and clinical aspects of these issues - for example the role of decision making and reward in drug addiction. It also looks at the applied aspects of this knowledge to other disciplines, including the growing field of Neuroeconomics.After an introductory chapter from the Volume editors, the book is then arranged according to the following themes:Psychological Processes underlying decision-making.Neural systems of decision-makingNeural systems of emotion, reward and learningNeurodevelopmental and clinical aspectsSuperbly written and edited, the book highlights the complex interplay between emotional and decision-making processes and their relationship with learning.