¡Anda! Curso elemental Value Pack (includes Student Activities Manual for ¡Anda! Curso elemental & MySpanishLab with E-Book Student Access for ¡Anda! Curso elemental)

¡Anda! Curso elemental, 1/e is the first Elementary Spanish book conceptualized from the outset to meet the needs of today's language teachers and learners.  In the last few years, classroom contact hours have been reduced drastically, class sizes have increased and students' lives have become busier than ever.  Instructors don't have time to cover everything that they feel is needed and more is being asked of them with fewer resources.  At the same time, language teachers want to spend as much time exposing students to Hispanic culture and practicing communication as they do with grammar.  But, there simply isn't enough time or resources.  The result:  Many instructors end up galloping through their elementary Spanish text, omitting interesting cultural lessons, to try to give students the broadest grammatical exposure possible.  Now they have a new option:  ¡Anda! 


¡Anda!  has been designed around three key areas to promote student success: 

·     Realistic goals with a realistic approach--the first step in achieving success!

·     Focus on student motivation--students will stride with enthusiasm if they are engaged with the content and are not afraid!

·     Tools to promote success--student and instructor support for learning and teaching creates successful instructors and confident students!

The entire ¡Anda! program was designed to increase the opportunity for student and instructor success by giving them more of what they need...and less of what they don't!   ¡Anda!  is ready to go!


This valuepack includes the access code card to MySpanishLab at a reduced price.