Autobiography of John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill (20 May 1806 - 8 May 1873), English philosopher, political theorist, political economist, civil servant and Member of Parliament, was an influential Classical liberal thinker of the 19th century whose works on liberty justified freedom of the individual in opposition to unlimited state control. He wrote the book Utilitarianism , a philosophical defense of utilitarianism in ethics.

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By Jaakko (Finland) · ★★★★☆ · April 22, 2013
Reading John Stuart Mill's life is like reading a book of fantasy. This man was to a very large extent a product of an experiment of his father - a child genius, a troubled man. I like this book for the same reason that I liked Justin Martyr's First Apology. The man seems so completely honest wit... ...more
By Erez (Israel) · ★★★★☆ · September 24, 2013
This book should have been called The Education of John Stuart Mill. Mill's autobiography is mostly about Mill's education which made him one of the greatest thinkers of the nineteenth century. Mill also discuses, in length, the influences he was subjected to during the years. I found the book to... ...more
By David · ★★★★☆ · May 27, 2013
An unexpectedly pleasant autobiography written by one of the 18th Century's leading thinkers in such riveting topics as political and social theory. I expected it to be pretty dry, but I think the better word for it is "reserved." He talks about his rigorous homeschooling by his father, his writi... ...more
By Richard (Brooklyn, NY) · ★★★★★ · October 23, 2008
I used to think it was a sign of neglect that my parents didn't ensure I had a more rigorous education. Now I understand that they were actually doing their best to help me avoid suicidal depression. Mom. Dad. Thanks guys. Sorry I doubted you. ...more
By Jeremy (Northampton, MA) · May 07, 2007
About 20% of this is extremely fascinating. The rest is really hard to like, even if you really like Mill. ...more
By Jackson · ★★★★★ · January 31, 2015
The joy and pleasure I have derived from reading this book can hardly be over stated; indeed, in the last few weeks, I have spent many hours studying Mill's work; not because its content is so engrossing--on the contrary, many of Mill's 19th century intellectual quarrels and metaphysical topics e... ...more