Optimising E-Brand Profitability: Launching, Growing & Protecting Your Brand Online (Financial Times Management Briefings)

CEOs and other executives charged with building an e-Brand often fail to achieve their objective. Their challenges: being led astray by marketing communications agencies, attempting to implement impractical theories, and failing to recognise the implications of technology in the Internet world. e-Brand Optimisation cuts through this clutter to provide a structured view of the subject, allowing you to optimise the value - and profit potential - of your brand on the Internet. You'll begin by understanding the nature of a brand - and why brand equity is important. This will be set in the context of the differences between the online and offline worlds - and how they affect brands. The executive briefing then concentrates on the three stages of development launching, growing and protecting - and how they affect the ability of the e-Brand to fulfill its potential. Here's just some of the vital information you'll find in each section. Launching your e-Brand *What is more important than the 'right' strategy? *Why the domain name is critical - how to choose the right one, and what to do if it's no longer available? *Key criteria when creating the design and navigation of your online presence *How to launch market your online presence - with minimum cost - and maximum exposure Growing your e-Brand *How to extend your existing real world brand - without damaging it *An analysis of the offline and online marketing channels you can use to promote your e-Brand - and how you can use them *The strange places where you can find online customers - at minimal cost *Why you should never believe online advertising measures - without investigating their limitations *The implications of ineffective Customer Service implications in the online world *Why - and how - you should partner with others in the e-World Protecting your e-Brand *The types of software snarls and marketing mayhem that could affect you - and how to deal with them *Why organisational obstacles are self-inflicted injuries that could sometimes be worse than foul play originated by third parties *How and why your security and privacy policies should be followed - and be seen to be followed *Factors that could cause e-Brand chaos in the future What's more, you'll find a comprehensive brand related glossary and over 15 tables, checklists and illustrations that bring structure and clarity to the subject. There are several touches of humour throughout - you'll learn about technology inspired chaos and why you will be blamed for things that are not your fault. Best of all, e-Brand Optimisation is written in a no-nonsense style, with practical insights that can - and should - be implemented immediately.