Stuck in a Rut Leader's Guide: Power, Sex, Food, and Other Little Addictions (Highway Visual Curriculum)

Highway Vid is Youth Specialties' exciting new series of videos. Each package is a video magazine of 5-6 segments on vital themes to youth -- their lives, their challenges, their joys, their insecurities, their questions... and their Savior. Every installment of Highway Vid will be themed. A subtle thread will tie the segments together, treating important themes like self-esteem, grace, discouragement, encouragement, grief, guilt, and forgiveness. Taken together, the segments will present thoughtful -- and thought-provoking -- video statements from many sides in many modes. Segments are of varying lengths, dictated by the content rather than artificial constraints. The total package (whether viewed at once, or through an evening, or over the course of a month) will therefore 'breathe' freely. Youth leaders, in group sessions, will have the maximum latitude to use the segments as jumping-off points for discussions, or integral think-pieces to explore themes... and lead students to explore themselves. Every Highway Vid installment will include a Curriculum Guide for Leaders -- a booklet that will supplement the segments; provide hints and guidance for the leader in group settings; offer reproducible checklists, activities, challenges, and journal-type action-prompts based on the videos. As usual, all such pages will also be available as downloads from the YS website as well, for maximum flexibility. Two packages (video and Leader's Guide booklet in each) comprise the initial release of Highway Video Curriculum. Subsequently, two packages a year will be released. Very soon, a bookshelf of Highway Vids will form a vital library for youth leaders -- important themes, addressed in innovative ways, through a variety of video production techniques -- certifiably meeting kids in tech- and media-language they understand so well! LET IT GO! 1 Control Are you Sure?' -- Documentary/Comedy -- Are the things that appear obvious in life really so? Are you really in Control? 2 Romance, Flirting, Sex, Pornography Love or Something Like It' -- Church video, Documentary -- God created sex to be shared between a married man and woman; is that how we still see it? 3 Social life (even youth-group activities!) Music/Interpretive Video -- After you've spent the entire day at school, with friends, at practices or at church, do you still have any time for your family, for God, any time for you? 4 Food Food Fight' -- Comedy/Music Video -- Though food is good and fills our tummies, watch how food can come between two friends who don't have perspective. 5 Pride Adjustment' -- Comedy -- We all think we're pretty hot stuff, but if things aren't going just like you thought they should be, do you ever think you might need an adjustment