The Estrogen Effect: How Chemical Pollution Is Threatening Our Survival

Scientists around the world are finding alarming changes in human reproduction and health due to our over-exposure to chemicals that can mimic the female hormone estrogen. These man-made chemicals, like DDT and PCB, have become soaked into our environment and are believed responsible for genital abnormalities and cancers across a wide range of species. Through extensive interviews with fertility experts and scientists worldwide, as well as members of the chemical industry, Cadbury provides a balanced, cogent argument that these hormone-disrupting chemicals may pose a threat not only to our human potential, but to our very survival.

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By Genetic Cuckoo · ★★★★★ · May 26, 2011
Simply a wonderful and scary book in equal measure. Well written and clever, it explores many ways in which we are inadvertently altering the world around us. It gives the reader many things to think about and is sometimes quite shocking. It is a fascinating book. ...more