The Buddhist Guide to New York: Where to Go, What to Do, and How to Make the Most of the Fantastic Resources in the Tri-State Area

Buddhism in New York is as exciting and diverse as the city itself, but can be just as overwhelming for those new to the practice. What's a good temple or practice center to try for your first visit? What should you wear? What are the differences between the various schools? With The Buddhist Guide to New York, you can find a supportive community in which to explore the wisdom offered by this 2,500-year-old tradition. The book includes:

* A brief introduction to Buddhism and the different schools, from Pure Land to Zen
* General etiquette for visiting temples
* Practice centers in all five boroughs, New York State, New Jersey, and Connecticut
* Tibetan stores and restaurants
* Buddhist health practitioners
* Museums and cultural resources
* Bookstores, publications, educational institutions, and other resources

Whether you're a new explorer of Buddhism or a long-time practitioner, The Buddhist Guide to New York will help you enjoy everything the region has to offer.