Let's Go Vietnam 2nd Edition

Packed with travel information, including more listings, deals, and insider tips:CANDID LISTINGS of hundreds of places to eat, sleep, drink, and danceRELIABLE MAPS to help you get around cities, jungles, mountains, and beachesThe best VOLUNTEER, study, and work opportunities throughout VietnamTIPS for getting around, bargaining, and blending in with local customsSUGGESTED ITINERARIES for your time frame, from ten days to two monthsEXPANDED COVERAGE of the remote Northwest Highlands

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By Danielle (Washington, DC) · ★★★★★ · May 03, 2007
Great tour guide to help me navigate my way through Vietnam. They even listed this amazing street vendor in Hanoi that made the best Bahn Mi I ever had.

Many of the night spots in Hanoi were long gone, although I don't blame the book... just the rapid growth that is occuring there. For Saigon it... ...more
By Carolanne (Portland, OR) · ★★★★☆ · September 15, 2008
I need to read a lot more then this to squash all my fears of traveling to this country! ...more