Prince William: A Biography (Greenwood Biographies)

This biography encompasses the life of Prince William of Wales, from the moment of his birth in 1982, through to his current status as an ambassador of the Royal Family and one of the most popular celebrities in his home country and around the globe.

In Prince William, experienced biography author Joann F. Price details the prince's life thus far, including his experiences at the prestigious Eton College and the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, his global travels with his glamorous and beloved mother and brother, his military service, and his engagement and upcoming wedding to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton. The book also reveals important aspects of the Royal Family and explains how being born into it—an integral and highly influential part of the history of the British Empire—has molded this man's life. Students can use this book as a major resource in writing papers about Prince William; general readers will find its contents fascinating.