PR 2.0: New Media, New Tools, New Audiences

The New Future of Public Relations!.  . In today’s Web 2.0 world, traditional methods of communication won’t reach your audiences, much less convince them. Here’s the good news: Powerful new tools offer you an unprecedented opportunity to start a meaningful two-way conversation with everyone who matters to you. In PR 2.0 , Deirdre Breakenridge helps you master these tools and use them to the fullest possible advantage in all your public relations work.  . You’ll learn the best ways to utilize blogs, social networking, online newswires, RSS technology, podcasts, and the rest of today’s Web 2.0 tools. Breakenridge shows how to choose the right strategies for each PR scenario and environment, keep the best Web 1.0 tools, and stop using outmoded tactics that have rapidly become counterproductive.  . Breakenridge introduces an extraordinary array of new PR best practices, including setting up online newsrooms, using visual and social media in releases, and leveraging new online research and analytics tools. She offers powerful new ways to think about PR, plan for it, and react to the new PR challenges the Web presents. Breakenridge also includes interviews with today’s leading PR 2.0 practitioners.  . PR 1.0 vs. PR 2.0. Identify the needs of companies and clients, and how to integrate them for greatest effectiveness.  . Reaching today’s crucial wired medi a. Powerful new strategies for pitching and media distribution.  . Best uses of traditional PR tactics. Better ways to use viral marketing, online newsletters, e-blasts, VNRs, and webcasts.  . PR 2.0: Making the most of the newest tools. Interactive online newsrooms, visual media, blogs, RSS, podcasts, and beyond.  . Social media: Your new 24/7 focus panel. Powerful new ways to capture emerging customer desires and needs.  .