Veterinary Instruments and Equipment: A Pocket Guide

Use this pocket guide to memorize and identify instruments at a glance! Written by well-known vet tech expert Teresa F. Sonsthagen, BS, LVT, Veterinary Instruments and Equipment, 2nd Edition shows hundreds of detailed, full-color photographs of instruments and describes how and when each is used. A flashcard-style design makes it easier to flip through the pages, so you'll quickly become familiar with all commonly used instruments. An Evolve website includes interactive exercises that let you practice creating setups for surgical procedures, and ask you to identify and compare veterinary instruments. With the information in this book and on Evolve, you'll become a valuable member of the clinical team, care for instruments so they last longer, and prevent injuries from improper use. It's great for exam review, and with its compact size and spiral binding, a great reference to use on the job!

  • Comprehensive coverage addresses restraint, medical, and diagnostic instruments in the first section and surgical instruments in the second.
  • 780 high-quality color photographs help you to quickly recognize and identify instruments.
  • A flip-book, flash-card format makes it easier to memorize instruments and to quiz yourself or others.
  • Instruments and equipment are shown for common procedures for small and large animals including bovine, equine, sheep, pigs, and goats, and including procedures such as dehorning, hoof care, castration, and teat and obstetrical procedures.
  • Two pages are allotted to each instrument, with the top page including a photo and the bottom page including the instrument's name, functions, characteristics, a practice note, and sterilization note -- it's easy to quiz yourself by folding the book to show only the photo page, then identifying the instrument name and functions.
  • A handy pocket size makes it easy to carry and use at any time.
  • Close-up photographs of instrument tips help you identify the subtle differences between instruments.
  • A companion Evolve website includes all of the photos from the book to help you identify instruments, and allows you to zoom in to see details including the different tips.
  • Interactive exercises on the Evolve site include instrument set-up exercises, comparison exercises, and identification quizzes.