Checking Out

What does it take for a woman to assume a completely new identity? Samantha knows—she has reinvented herself as Mrs. Dale Cassinari, mother of Joe and Tony, honorary Italian dauther-in-law of Maria, good neighbour to Maeve, and Stayfleurs supermarket supervisor. Only she knows that all this frantic activity is a cover for a past that she's determined to forget. A past that threatens to come back to haunt her in the shape of a letter addressed to Samantha Powel.

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By Lyn (Perth, 08, Australia) · ★★★☆☆ · May 14, 2011
Not bad, and yet...

I'm a writer. I have writers' habits. I enjoyed this book. Mostly... Except... I don't know. I felt that every time a danger was introduced, Morgan smoothed it over with some explanation that made it a little less nail-biting. I wanted there to be a little more thrill and yet i... ...more
By JoTownhead (The United Kingdom) · ★★☆☆☆ · January 21, 2013
Samantha and Dale have been married for some time before they begin to share long-buried secrets, adding a new dimension to their family life in suburbia. Rather too much contextual detail diminished this reader's enjoyment, as did the slightly implausible 'recovery' of one of the characters. Ove... ...more