Promise Forever (The Caldwell Kin Series #4) (Love Inspired #209)

"Your Son."

Two words had never held such power over CEO Tyler Winchester. He wouldn't have believed them, but the child in the photo he stared at resembled someone he'd never forget: Miranda Caldwell, the woman who had stolen his heart eight years before. The two of them had fallen crazy in love, but their runaway marriage had unraveled as quickly as it had started.

Seeing Miranda again after all that time brought back feelings Tyler had long since abandoned -- feelings of love, and forever. But family, serenity and the faith she embraced weren't high on his life's to-do list. And Tyler had thought nothing could change that . . . until Miranda looked into his eyes once again, and little Sammy called him "Daddy."

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By Andrea (Charleroi, PA) · ★★★★★ · June 12, 2010
Promise Forever is a great example of why I love the Love Inspired line of books. Its also a reason why I count Marta Perry as one of the authors that I buy without question.

Its really hard to write a romance novel without sex, while creating a story that's believable to the readers. Marta does t... ...more
By Vampwolf(Likira) (Alton, IL) · ★★★★★ · July 12, 2014
I loved it it was a great love story ...more