The Husband List

An Unexpected Husband

Against her better judgment, Lady Gillian Marley needs to find herself a husband -- and quickly. To claim her uncle's unexpected bequest she must marry by her next birthday, which leaves only two months to find a malleable mate. Topping her list of eligible candidates is the honorable Earl of Shelbrooke, yet one look at the very handsome but enigmatic nobleman and Gillian knows that cajoling him into a marriage of convenience will be hardly convenient at all.

A Marriage of Inconvenience

Far from immune to Gillian's entrancing charms, the last thing Richard Shelton is about to bind himself into is a chaste marriage. Though the inheritance is more than and tempting, Richard knows the lady herself is the real prize and isn't about to allow Gillian to deny the burning fervor that sparks between them. Now he has only two months to convince her to be his wife in full ... before his mysterious secret is revealed and their lives explode irrevocably into scandal.

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By Sophie (Sydney, 02, Australia) · ★★☆☆☆ · November 22, 2013
Another boring historical lacking in depth and steam... I really hope Victoria Alexander's other books don't follow the same patterns as this one does... Although I kept suspect they will. How disappointing. ...more
By Nath (Montreal, QC, Canada) · ★★★☆☆ · January 04, 2011
Ms Alexander is a comfort author and I'm slowly reading through her backlist :) The Husband List was not her best work, but an enjoyable read nonetheless. I liked the characters and their maturity. I liked that Gillian thought long and hard before considering a marriage of convenience and that ul... ...more
By Sabrina (Soter) (Rome, 07, Italy) · ★★★★☆ · October 27, 2013
"Era nel suo sangue, nella sua anima. La voleva al punto tale da non distinguere più il bene dal male, l’onore dall'inganno. La amava e la voleva."

Ed anche il secondo della serie Effingtons si è rivelato un libro scorrevole e molto carino ;D Gillian è una donna che ha già conosciuto il Vero Amore... ...more
By Lynetta (The United States) · ★★☆☆☆ · July 19, 2014
Change the person of Gillian to Pandora and the Earl of Shelbrooke to the Earl of Trent and wa-la! you feel as though you're reading The Wedding Bargain (Effingtons, book 1). Adding to that feeling, there is word for word copy of Pandora and the Earl of Trent's geese scene near the lake in book t... ...more
By An Odd1 (Southern Great White North, Middle-Muggle Earth, Canada) · ★★★☆☆ · October 30, 2014
Seduction? or courting? Pages of wiffle waffle, his and hers, skip. He didn't even smile in public, now they chuckle wildly together. And more. "And looked forward as well to a little hard work and a good deal of practice" p 366. Effington series means many friends and relations visit and chitcha... ...more
By Mary (Florissant, MO) · ★★★★☆ · January 13, 2013
THE HUSBAND LIST by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

One should always make a list!

Caroline is searching for a love match as is her mother, problem is they have their sites set on different men. Caroline has always loved Jack Culhane an American millionaire as opposed to her mother’s choice Lord B... ...more
By Michelle (Escondido, CA) · ★★★★☆ · January 20, 2015
Gillian puts Richard on her husband list. He needs to marry for money, which she has. They both want to know at the other cares for them before they get married. Really enjoyable. ...more
By Rockatang3 (BlebeTanja) (Maribor, 09, Slovenia) · ★★★☆☆ · December 09, 2014
A nice continuation of the series. I like the characters and the stories are intriguing enough to keep me hooked. ...more
By Princess · ★★★★★ · January 31, 2014
I'm making my way through Victoria Alexander's Effington Family stories and this is the second book in the series. I liked this one much better than the first one because there wasn't as much angst as the first one. Their feelings were pretty straightforward even if it did take them a while to re... ...more