Breaking News

Famous for his nearly forty years in broadcast journalism, Robert MacNeil is one of the most respected television journalists in America. Now in Breaking News , a blistering, behind-the-scenes novel about the savagely competitive world of television news, he writes about this world he knows best--a world where integrity is held hostage in the relentless pursuit of the bottom line. Anchorman Grant Munro is at what should be the pinnacle of a brilliant career. Having covered every major story from the Kennedy assassination to the Clinton sex scandals, Munro has won the admiration, respect, and trust of his viewers. About to turn sixty in an industry no longer controlled by top-notch journalists but by profit-hungry conglomerates, Munro suddenly feels his career threatened--especially when Bill Donovan, a handsome reporter with little experience but a high Q rating, vies for his anchor post. Dragged into a media circus where "soft news" and tabloid television are becoming the staples of nightly news broadcasts, Munro negotiates a minefield of scheming, greed, and betrayal to hold onto what he prizes. Acclaimed for his two previous novels, Robert MacNeil is a proven storyteller, now triumphantly on his home turf. Breaking News is not only an intimate look at a fascinating industry, but a profound study of character under pressure.

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By Chris (Hyattsville, MD) · ★★★☆☆ · December 25, 2012
Unlike other journalists moonlighting as novelists (*cough* Jim Lehrer *cough*), MacNeil can actually write a story. Not going to blow anyone away, but it's an engaging "behind-the-curtain" peek inside the corporate newsroom. ...more
By Patrick (Okotoks, AB, Canada) · ★★★☆☆ · July 30, 2011
This is Robert MacNeil's take on the absurdity of network TV news. It's a cynical look at power plays, egos, and the pursuit of major scoops in the pre-blogger era. Recommended reading. ...more
By Breezy (Fresno, CA) · ★★★☆☆ · September 13, 2008
Interesting reading about a profession I'd never much thought about: network news anchors. Worth the time spent in the lunchroom reading it, if only to think about the topic for a while. ...more
By Pat (The United States) · ★★★☆☆ · October 18, 2011
If I were pitching this story, I would say it's "Primary Colors" meets "Broadcast News." ...more