The Web Empowerment Book: An Introduction and Connection Guide to the Internet and the World-Wide Web

The Web Empowerment Book is the first book devoted entirely to the World Wide Web, a hypertext-linked system which enables Internet users to navigate readily through a maze of Web servers and providers. Although there is a wealth of information available on the Internet, this is the first practical "how-to" book to explain in simple, pragmatic terms how to establish your own connection, to navigate through, and understand the WWW. Users with or without previous knowledge will have access to a book which has put the information and solutions regarding the WWW into a well-written, accessible context. This is accomplished in three basic steps: Step 1: Get an account from an Internet provider and a modem, to use utilities at the Internet providers site, and to download files. Step 2: Add SLIP or PPP to your own machine to use your own TCP/IP utilities: Email, Telnet, gopher, FTP, NewsGroups, UseNet, WAIS, Archie, Finger, etc. Step 3: Add World-Wide Web (WWW) Browser and Displayers for: Hypertext, Images, Sounds, Movies.