In the Shade of Spring Leaves: The Life of Higuchi Ichiyo, with Nine of Her Best Stories

“The Danly-Ichiyo book is one of those works where the author and subject seem so perfectly matched that the style of each suffuses and inspires the other: Danly as translator and commentator picks up and transforms Ichiyo’s blend of formal and colloquial language into flowing, strong, modern terms; she, in turn, spreads her wit, her melancholy, her sudden piercing insights to Danly.” —Jonathan Spence, New Society

Higuchi Ichiyo, Japan's first woman writer of stature in modern times, was born in 1872 and died at the age of twenty-four. In her brief life she wrote poems, essays, short stories and a great, multivolume diary. This book is made up of a critical biography, interlaced with extracts from the diary, and Robert Danly's translations of nine representative stories.

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By Kristen (The United States) · ★★★★★ · October 03, 2012
This rating is solely for Ichiyo's works; I didn't bother to read any of the biography, this was simply the only book I could find with all of her tales. They are fantastic. I think this should be read by anybody who is interested in feminist literature - they aren't feminist per se, but surprisi... ...more
By Kusaimamekirai (Japan) · ★★★★☆ · August 24, 2014
As a resource, it's difficult to compare it to other books on Higuchi because there is shockingly very little in the way of significant biography in English about her life. That being said, I very much enjoyed how the author presented her life without making her into a hero she wasn't.
In a way... ...more