I Can't Believe You Asked That!: The Ultimate Q&A about Race, Sex, Religion, and Other Terrifying Topics

Now, Yforum.com's creator offers a compelling book with real answers-from both everyday people and experts-for questions on even the most sensitive topics:

€ What do blind people "see" in their dreams?
€ Why do white people smell like wet dogs when they come out of the rain?
€ Why do so many gay men love The Wizard of Oz?
€ Do Catholics consider oral sex a sin?

Politically correct or not, these questions reflect natural, honest, human curiosity about the lives and experiences of other people. Nationally recognized diversity advocate Phillip Milano uses these and a host of other questions from his hugely popular Yforum.com website to present an unflinching, occasionally bizarre, and sometimes hilarious look at the taboo topics so many people wonder about-but usually don't dare ask.