The Truth About Back Pain

A comprehensive and practical approach to the true causes of back pain-with workable solutions for each. Chiropractic doctors Todd and Sheldon Sinett have developed a new approach to diagnosing and relieving back pain based on the idea that the causes of back pain come from three distinct influences: structural-actual physical damage; nutritional-an unhealthy diet; and emotional-stress and personal issues that affect health. Instead of resorting to radical therapies or surgical treatments, the Sinetts dispel the many prevalent myths about back pain and propose solutions that use non-invasive physical and easy-to-implement mental techniques. Offering concrete and specific advice ranging from exercises and meal plans to methods for dealing with everyday stress, this book provides all the necessary tools to understand the root causes of back pain and take the appropriate measures for relief. For both sufferers and medical practitioners, The Truth About Back Pain will revolutionize way back pain is treated.