Organic Solid-State Chemistry2

Organic Solid-State Chemistry-2 presents the solid state reactions in molecular crystals. This book discusses the correlations of the chemical structures of products from organic solid state reactions with the molecular packing in the reactant crystal structures. Organized into 10 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the molecular behavior after the chemical transition state. This text then examines the electron paramagnetic resonance methods, which offer many features in connection with the study of chemical reactions in which a paramagnetic species is a product or a reactant. Other chapters consider the interpretation of radiationless transitions, thermal reactions, and photochemical decompositions and rearrangements. The final chapter deals with the experimental results concerning electron and hole production in anthracene crystals, with emphasis on the relevance of these studies to the fundamental question of the nature of the excess electron states in these low mobility crystals. This book is a valuable resource for solid state chemists, photochemists, spectroscopists, scientists, and research workers.