Journalism After September 11 (Communication and Society)

The events of September 11 continue to resonate in powerful, yet sometimes unexpected ways. For many journalists, the crisis has decisively recast their sense of the world around them. Familiar notions of what it means to be a journalist, how best to practice journalism, and what the public can reasonably expect of journalists in the name of democracy, have been shaken to their foundations. Journalism After September 11 examines how the traumatic attacks of that day continue to transform the nature of journalism, particularly in the United States and Britain.

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By ivan (Philadelphia, PA) · ★★★★★ · March 14, 2008
Many Americans seem to have a peculiar sense of dualism about themselves, a feeling at once slightly elitist and fiercely victimized. The United States attempts to be the great savior of the world, but is cast off by many other nations, and it is from this so many Americans draw both superiority... ...more
By Athalia (Emmaus, PA) · ★★★★★ · May 21, 2012
Great book, very detail oriented. It was interesting to read how the way journalism is presented can sway the readers' opinions of an event. ...more