Goddess of Light (Goddess Summoning, Book 3)

Tired of dating egomaniacs, interior designer Pamela Gray has nearly given up on men. She wants to be treated like a goddess - preferably by a god. As she whispers her wish, she unwittingly invokes the goddess Artemis, who has some tricks up her celestial sleeve...Twins Artemis and Apollo have been sent to the Kingdom of Las Vegas to test their mantle. Their first assignment: make Pamela's wish come true. So Artemis volunteers her golden brother. After all, who better than the handsome God of Light to bring love to this lonely woman? It might be a first but here in Sin City, where life is a gamble, both god and mortal are about to bet on a high-stakes game of love.

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By Meggean (Woodbridge, VA) · ★★★★★ · July 28, 2011
P.C. Cast has become one of my favorite writers ever. I started by reading house of night. So it was nice to get away from the whiney teenage drama and into something I could connect with. I love that all her women leads are strong, and independent but not hard to connect to.

I would have given t... ...more
By Heather (Knoxville, TN) · ★★★★★ · September 18, 2009
It's probably only 4 stars, but the last page almost made me cry so that gave it brownie points. =)

I got into this book faster than the previous Goddess books simply because the main characters inner monologue stayed in her head.
I really enjoyed Apollo. He was so sweet and loving. A man who know... ...more
By Mary · ★★★☆☆ · September 21, 2011
I'm really into Greek Mythology so I read this book although it was not what I was expecting. I'm going to make this really short. I was expecting a lot more for Apollo. I didn't really like the setting and the the plot was slow and got on my nerves. At least the girl wasn't too old this time. Th... ...more
By Julie · ★★★★☆ · September 14, 2009
Zeus, father of the Gods has prepared a treat for his children. He has decided to open a portal into the modern world of Las Vegas for his children to play in and enjoy on the weekends, much to the dismay of his child Bacchus who has ruled that particular realm single-handedly for the past few eo... ...more
By ஐ Canan ஐ (Bursa, 16, Turkey) · ★★★★☆ · December 16, 2011
Bu kitap ilk iki kitaptan farklıydı...Neden?
Çünkü Deniz ve Bahar Tanrıçası kitaplarında kadın karakterler eski dünyaya-Olimposa-
geliyordu, başkasının bedeninde..ve olaylar orda yaşanıyordu..
Ama bu seferki farklıydı..Çünkü Apollon-ışık Tan.- bencil ve kibirli Asma Tan. yüzünden güçlerinden yoksun... ...more