Buck Rogers: That Man on Beta, No. 2

Join the Greatest of all space warriors on the most incredible quest of his star-crossed career...-through the terrifying wilds of Anarchia, ruins of twenty-fifth-century Earth, on an impassioned search for his own descendants! To the desolate remains of the Great Salt Lake, where ancient secrets are held...and the power-mad Kane crouches in ambush! To the asteroid Beta-Where Theo, Buck's trusted compuvisor, is prisoner of the Draconians,who have hatched a scheme to conquer the Universe! To the sin-filled supercity of Villus, where man's every sensual wish is an android's command...and the voluptuous Princess Ardala has big plans for Buck! To the rescue-ship of Wilma Deering and a spectacular chase through star warp, on an escape mission like none Buck has ever seen...not, that is, until he became Buck Rogers that man on Beta