Marketing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (An AVI Book)

1 Markets, Sources, and the Marketing System.- 1. The United States Market for Food.- 2. The United States Market for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.- 3. Sources of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.- 4. Major Sources of Supply: California, Florida, and Mexico.- 5. The Marketing System and Firms Involved: An Overview.- 6. Marketing Systems for Three Major Fruits and Vegetables: Oranges, Apples, and Tomatoes.- 2 The Marketing Environment.- 7. Market Information: Agricultural Statistics, Grading and Inspection, Market News, and Other Information Sources.- 8. Market Prices and Price Analysis.- 9. Trade Practices, Credit Ratings, and Regulation of Trading (Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act).- 10. Cooperative Marketing.- 11. Marketing Orders.- 12. Pesticide Use and Food Safety.- 13. Nutritional Quality and Nutrition Marketing.- 14. Generic, Brand, and Private Label Advertising and Promotion.- 3 Marketing Operations and Firms.- 15. International Trade.- 16. Shipping Point Operations and Firms.- 17. Long Distance Transportation.- 18. Wholesaling at Destination and Terminal Market Facilities.- 19. Food Retailers and Retailing.- 20. The Foodservice Industry.- 21. Direct Marketing by Farmers to Consumers.- 4 Epilogue.- 22. Future Prospects.