Clinical Finals and How to Pass Them

Clinical and oral examinations form a fundamental part of the assessment of a student's competence at every stage of their clinical training. Success in these exams depends as much on learning the techniques of presentation as on knowledge and competence. This is a practical revision book for learning the techniques to pass clinical and oral examinations in all the major clinical subjects for final examinations. edicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology and paediatrics are covered. Each section statrs with advices on the general aspects of examination of the patient, followed by a series of clinical problems presented in the form of cases. Each case includes a factfile of key points to remember about this condition, and advises on the likely discussion points that can be asked. The book includes an A-Z of questions and answers for practice for the oral examination. Features: * Very practical book * Will help pass difficult exams * Covers all the clinical subjects * Reflects the way that the exams are presented * Problem orientated text * Useful for revision in history-taking and clinical examination * Good value for money