Research in Chemical Kinetics

Research in Chemical Kinetics, Volume 1 focuses on authoritative review articles on a wide range of developing topics in the kinetics of gaseous and condensed phases. The selection first elaborates on gas-phase kinetics of free radicals studied by pulse radiolysis combined with time-resolved infrared diode laser spectroscopy and solid/liquid reactions of environmental significance. Discussions focus on coprecipitation of phosphate with calcite, reactions of silica and quartz, infrared spectroscopy of free radicals, and kinetics of methyl radicals. The book then examines the collision energy dependence of reaction cross sections and photoelectrochemical dynamics, including organometallic photoelectrochemistry and photofragmentation voltammetry, contrasting reactivity of ion radical excited states, photoelectrochemical reaction mechanisms, and experimental methods. The publication tackles collisional electronic energy transfer in CN free radicals, photo-ion imaging techniques and future directions in reactive scattering, and photoelectrochemical dynamics. Topics include photoelectrochemical reaction mechanisms, photoelectrochemical measurement of quantum yields, photofragment translational spectroscopy, and velocity distributions. The selection is a valuable reference for researchers interested in the kinetics of gaseous and condensed phases.