Sex Offenders and the Internet

"On the Internet, the opportunity to commit crime is never more than three or four clicks away." - Demetrion and Silke, from the Introduction to this volume. In this pioneering text the nature of Internet sex offenders is explored in order to help practitioners to understand and treat this new category of sexual offende. Kerry Sheldon and Dennis Howitt examine the research base on Internet sexual offenders by reviewing case studies and psychological profiles, with a particular focus on paedophilic sex offenders. The result is a book that comprehensively details the nature of Internet sex offenders, bringing together the relevant research into one essential volume. Sex Offenders and the Internet covers key issues and concerns, including:.:.; Issues of child pornography - social, historical, legal and psychological.; The development of paedophilia and the often unheard 'excuses' - abuse, attachment difficulties, fantasy and delusion.; Helping practitioners to move forwards - what to do?. This text is essential reading for forensic psychologists, probation officers, police officers, MSc level students in forensic psychology as well as criminologists.