Stock Trader's Almanac 2010 (Almanac Investor Series)

For over 40 years, thousands of market players have turned to the historical patterns found only in the Stock Trader’s Almanac. This is an indispensable, trusted annual resource for traders and investors.

The Stock Trader’s Almanac 2010 is packed with timely insights and targeted analysis to help you navigate turbulent markets and beat the odds in the year ahead. Organized into a calendar format, the trusted guide combines over a century’s worth of data, statistics and trends along with vital analysis you won’t get anywhere else. Stock Trader’s Almanac 2010 highlights include:

  • NEW – How Financial Crises Impact the Market; The Ten Worst Bear Markets Since 1900
  • Dow Jones Industrials Bull and Bear Markets Since 1900
  • The Tenth Year of Decades – Historical perspective on 10th year performance
  • Alerts on seasonal opportunities and dangers
  • Insights on the Midterm Elections Impact on the Market including market charts and trends
  • The Incredible January Barometer (91.2% proven accuracy)
  • Why a 50% Gain in the Dow Is Possible from Its 2010 Low To Its 2011 High
  • Wall Street’s Only Free Lunch Served Before Christmas

Packed with invaluable historical statistics, seasonal trends, cycle analysis, and crucial indicators, this easy-to-use desk reference is a must-have trader’s bible.