Pauline Frommer's Walt Disney World and Orlando

Spend less, see more. This is the philosophy behind Pauline Frommer’s guides. Written by travel expert Pauline Frommer (who is also the daughter of Arthur Frommer), and her team of hand-picked writers, these guides show how to truly experience a culture, meet locals, and save money along the way.: Industry secrets on how to find the best hotel rooms; Details on alternative accommodations, great neighborhood restaurants, and cool, offbeat finds; Packed with personality and opinions. Even though most American families will make at least one pilgrimage to Orlando, too many of them end up spending far more than they have to for their vacations. This book initiates you into the world of savvy discount travel shopping, from finding the very lowest airfares to booking theme park tickets through the right sources so you pay less. The book has a complete breakdown of every major theme park's attractions—their best seats, their histories, how to evade their long lines—with opinionated advice on which to hit and which to skip, depending on your taste and age (and the age of your kids). We'll explore lodgings in depth, starting with the best theme-park-based hotels for your money. We also name reputable renters of palatial digs such as full houses and condos located less than two miles from Disney, which come with screened-in pool, free internet, private game rooms and more—all for less than you'd spend on a cramped hotel room.: Pull back the curtain on Orlando and see how the "magic" is made: Slip backstage at Universal Studios and learn how its most complex rides work; Explore the Utilidor, Walt Disney World's hidden underground passageways; Be a dolphin trainer for the day at SeaWorld; And more. Avoiding wallet drain for meals in Orlando is only half the battle. We cover secret, lesser-known local restaurants as well as give readers a useable, fun strategy for the best theme park meals.